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We have experienced and skilled team to provide robust and powerful solutions to Web design & development, Mobile Apps, Internet marketing, SEO, Microsoft dynamics Ax ERP, Animation, Graphic designs, Artificial intelligence, Bigdata, Machine Learning, Augmented reality, Virtual realit and blockchain. We help client to make their application more innovative.


Mobile Application Development

The enormous scope of mobile application can definitely be never over looked by any business today. Mobile phones today have become very important and their usage cannot be ignored as an average person. Users today are on the move and are using mobile applications platforms to get to the easy going of work.

Website designing & development

Our talented team can help you to create best by using their expertise skills in web strategy, creative interface designs, corporate branding and logo design, online marketing strategy among others.

Our experienced designers, programmers, project managers await to access your need and develop your project. We focus on E-commerce Designs Data base integration Web based applications Online reports Online business portals Personal websites

Awesome Mobile Games

Talk about a small kid, an adult or even an old man today, no one can resist to the trending entertainment source i.e. GAMING Our team is expertise in 2D and 3D game designs Development and its online distribution

Animation & Explainer videos

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool. Our professional video animation experts will help you to deliver the professional and quality HD videos

UI & Graphic Designing

Keeping short the troubles one tries to achieve his/her target. We elaborate how we can help you in this field Clean style Styles created focusing on principles of design Style that truly represents your demand

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now involved in our routine life. Malhar Infoway can help in designing, develop and implement an automated system that can help in operations performed by human. With the help of Machine learning, softwares can be trained to predict and perform.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Interact with the virual object like the reality. Imagine the future with Malhar Infoway.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRP

Our expert team can help you to streamline the day to day business activities and customer support via Microsoft Dynamics 365 could based ERP and CRM


Create the permanent Blockchain technology which is public and transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, tracking digital use and latest edge of the payments.


Prepare your information meaningful manner with the latest techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team emphasis on optimizing and enhancing the effectiveness of your content for the search engines so as to make your website rank higher than from other sites that target the same search keywords or terms. We apply newest analytics service which guarantees you to cope up with the competition and provide market to your business. We continuously add value to your business progress by bringing latest tools, processes and ground breaking technologies.

Web Hosting

Best Web Online is well known for its support, its technical people have years of experience and understand the criticalities of the business and they are always there to help you out and keep your server running seamlessly. Our dedicated server provides you with complete control, scalability, flexibility, and reliability enabling you to achieve a successful online presence. We sincerely understand that your business success is our success.

Working on this strong belief Malhar Infoway is providing advanced hand in the global commercial enterprises with provision of web development services. We mainly concerned about
  • Your achievement
  • Our commitment
  • Knowledge based solutions
  • To strive and find new challenges in the field for best work results
  • Founded to address critical business problems
  • Solutions based on innovative concepts for our clients to gain maximum returns on investments
In addition, to website development,mobile application and online marketing services we also provide
  • IT Consultation
  • SEO Services
  • ERP & CRM implementation and Support
  • Internet marketing
  • Process Engineering

About Us

Who we are

Malhar Infoway is the India based IT services and outsourcing company. We are rich with the experienced professionals and highly skilled experts to provide the services of website design and development, Mobile apps development, SEO, Animation and all kind of graphic designs. As a follower of latest technologies we are investing in the hands on and small scale projects of the Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, BigData, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, BlockChain, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality. Having 5+ years of experience in IT industry and rapidly growing in the corporate world by the positive leadership and long term vision.

What we do

We are well known to provide the quality service within the timeframe. We are technology experts and we understand our client technology needs. We first understand the customer need and defines the problem statements. Based on the statements we are proposing the best solution and technology. We are offering best project management and execution methodology in order to ensure the smooth project execution. We are well known to maintain the professional & friendly relationship with our customers and due to that we have almost 87% ratio of repeat customer and 33% customers are comes from referral by our existing customer base.

Why Us

We are not best in the industry. Yes, we are not the best, but we are professional, honest, legit and reliable. If it is the matter of service, our 87% repeat customer ratio exhibits our professionalism and dedication towards the service provision. Our kite visioned business team be with the customers even after the project completion in order to find their satisfaction and future business needs. Our commited 21+ technical experts constantly looking into the technology fulfilments during the project execution. We are constantly encouraging our employees for being certified, attend the technology related seminars and keep themselves upgrading.

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